Scenic View Near Managua, Nicaragua

My week in Nicaragua was almost surreal. Although I hated the weather (hot), I enjoyed the lush scenes as well as the sense of security. In comparison, Honduras this week is under martial law, along with a night-time curfew. One person died, and many have been injured as heightened tensions over elections persist for several days. Just a few hundred miles away in Nicaragua, things are quite peaceful. Of course, the Sandinistas have a tight rein on the little country of Nicaragua, so peace comes with a price, I suppose.



3 thoughts on “Serene

  1. Honduras was relatively stable in the 1930s to 1960s, when the military ruled, often behind the cloak of a designated president. I don’t know if they need to return to military rule. The people want more transparency, less corruption, and less power in the hands of the few families who traditionally have ruled for many generations.


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