It Snowed Last Night

20217 snowIt snowed last night. In southern Louisiana, Snow is A Weather Event. Schools close. Children run outside. It’s strange and wonderful because it only happens every 10 years or so. If you don’t live in lands where snow is common, it’s A Big Deal.

There’s not a lot of snow. Just enough to cover the yard, the roof tops and cars in the neighborhood. I wrote a message on the back of my car this morning.

miniatures (1)
A small, humble thing started 2000 years ago. Come, Lord Jesus!

The morning flurries made me think of something else that brings out the inner child. Christmas. I apologize if the sentiment is just too much for you, but I confess I love setting out the Nativity set each year. I like decorating the house and tree, too.

For everyone, there’s a gift. The gift of A Son is Born. I love all of that stuff from Isaiah and Handel:  Unto us a Son is Born . . . I love it!

Yet, at the same time, I’m old enough to know snow melts and turns to mud. The government isn’t on His Shoulders. I don’t care what Isaiah says. The Son doesn’t rule the World yet.

The advent of something wondrous started with the baby in the manger. It also means to look to the next Advent. Soon there will be a Second Advent when Jesus will reign. The government really will be on his shoulders. There will be peace on earth.

Everyone, Christian or agnostic, knows deep inside that something isn’t right. Whether it’s the weird weather, the even weirder politics, or the deep injustice we see, Some Thing Is Not Right. That’s why we hope for the next Advent.

Come, Lord Jesus!


3 thoughts on “It Snowed Last Night

  1. The weather people were warning my area about a snow event early last week based on stuff going on over the Pacific ocean. We ended up with a high pressure system instead and said system pushed all that wet air south. It is cold here in Ohio but the wind is from the west so the lake air is leaving us alone. My Mother’s pond has a thin layer of ice-when I was a kid, I would have been skating by now .

    We live in somewhat unsettled times but in my 61 years, I’ve seen worse. My Grandmother’s recount of the depression would make a weak person give it all up. Say what you like about the second Bush, and I have, but his actions at the lame duck end of his term kept our country out of another depression. Having a wise man following him who was willing to implement Bush’s first aid was good fortune. I saying, “we could have it a lot worse”.

    There is good that will come out of the current witch hunt on prominent people’s abuse of others in their past, Men will be more likely to keep their hands to themselves.

    As to Trump, he is setting an example that no one will want to follow. That’s a good thing.

    As I remember, they had a bunch of snow in northern Mexico last year at this time. That jet stream goes where it likes.

    I always enjoy what you have to say Miss. Gumbo. If you’re taking requests, a bit about the new town in Honduras would be nice.


  2. Norm, I agree that the depression era makes our present circumstances look downright wonderful. I can’t imagine living in periods when an epidemic swept through a region either. In general, life is not as it should be, so I am more about Advent than ever before. I don’t know if I am going to live in a new town in Honduras. I agree new topics are in order here at the Gumbo.


  3. In general, life is not as it should be,

    Yaya, life is good, not easy for sure, but good. I’m up to my neck in Alligators, most days. I have a whole bunch of people who depend on me-How can it get any better than that? Sometimes you just want to sit down and cry, what is the benefit in that so one foot in front of the other until the job is done. Service is what we were put on earth for, paid in lucur, love or personal satisfaction; it is what we do. Merry Christmas Yaya. .

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