Free, Free At Last

eye drops glaucoma
Free, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty

Yesterday, I saw my eye doctor. He told me I can stop using eye drops for glaucoma. The pressure in both eyes are normal  I had two surgeries in the fall to relieve the eye pressure as well as correct a blockage in the right eye.

Surgery is such a loaded word. Laser surgery on the eyes is quick and almost pain-free. The entire process takes less than thirty minutes. I had two procedures, one on each eye in separate visits.

This fall, I felt trapped as I needed to schedule surgeries. My eye pressure was sky-high, I had a blockage in one eye, and the beginning of damage to eyesight in the right eye. It wasn’t a good time to stray far from a good eye doctor.

Now I am free to move about the country or even beyond my country. Currently I have no set job. I am  tutoring students privately. Mostly foreigners seeking to improve their English, or conversely, English speakers seeking to improve their Spanish.

In  January 2018 I will be in one of two places. Will I go to Siguatepeque, Honduras? Or San Jose, Costa Rica? Both offer schools to improve my rudimentary Spanish skills.

Siguatepeque is a charming village in the heart of Honduras, at a comfortable altitude and a comfortable distance from the violence and political unrest of the major cities. The school is not as good as most but I know the people to be good and honest.

The school in San Jose has an old and solid reputation for helping gringos (and gringas) speak the language. The school in Costa Rica needs an answer this week.. They have schedules and rules. And, they want more money than the school in Honduras.

Why do I want to learn more Spanish?  I want to start a new mission somewhere. Probably, it will be in Siguatepeque, Honduras, or Managua, Nicaragua. Wherever I go next, I need to be in a place where I have a sense of community. In a word, friends.

Okay. It’s your turn, you dozen or so readers out there. Comments appreciated on where I should go. After all, I am free, free at last. Thank God Almighty.


12 thoughts on “Free, Free At Last

    1. I am 99% sure it’s going to be Honduras once again. Having input here helps me to know I have an audience. Comments really help me stay true to the course of practicing writing again.


    1. In reality it makes much more sense to go to Honduras, even though I have to keep in mind that the country is on the verge of Civil War. Hopefully being in a small town for a short amount of time will keep distractions of insurrection to a minimum


  1. Honduras has a US army base near the village in question. Things will not get seriously out of order with Uncle Same having a home miles away from the village in question. At the worse, I can retreat to the base and get a flight out in the best airport in the country located on at the base. I should have mentioned that little fact in the post.


  2. Sounds to me like you already picked where you would want to be and that is Honduras. So I think you should go for it. Of course it is easy to give advice when it is not me going. You are very smart and have a good head on your shoulders so wherever you choose will be right for you. Good luck and my God hold you in His Hands


  3. Oh my friend, I would love knowing that you are within a Rapidito adventure from Tegus. But far be it from me to tell you to come here just because I want you close. ❤ I know that you have a warm spot in your heart for Honduras, but right now at this time if I were you, I would be leaning toward language school in Costa Rica, just because it is kinda ugly here in Honduras, and not just iin Tegus and SPS, and you need your concentration to be on Spanish…. You will make a good decision with the Holy Spirit's leading.


  4. I think Honduras is your choice and you’re are looking for conformation. Good idea. Will the people of the village have access to other villages? If they are really isolated it could be their spanish is way different from what you speak. I don’t know you very well but it seems to me through your blog that you meet challenges very calmly and with a sense of optimism. Be well Laurie, and listen to the Spirit.


    1. I am leaning towards Honduras. The village is not isolated. Recently it has become more important because it’s directly on the major highway that runs through the country. The road recently was upgraded to interstate quality. Lots of North Americans are finding it to be an ideal location to “get away from it all” but still have access via a good highway to major cities of Honduras.


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