Caution: Be Alert, Shelter in Place

word cloudI confess. Somewhat shamefacedly, I confess to clicking on Facebook quizzes. However, I don’t publish the results. I have my standards. Just look, don’t publish.  This quiz, the word cloud, supposedly captures my most used words on Facebook.

As anyone can see, Honduras is smack dab in the middle. It’s definitely in the middle of my thoughts the past few days. I bought my airline ticket last week for a trip to Honduras to begin in the middle of January and end on Fat Tuesday.

It’s almost certain there will be civil disturbances in Honduras when I travel there. The presidential election results are being disputed by the opposition party. There have been massive protests. The OAS (Organization of American States) has called for a new election due to obvious voting and ballot counting irregularities resulting in the incumbent declaring himself a dubious winner of the vote.

This is the warning from the US State Department affecting the city where I will fly to, although it’s not where I plan on staying. It urges citizens to postpone or cancel unnecessary travel to mainland Honduras. I am going to give this serious thought today.

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Cortes Department: Shelter in Place

As result of escalating protests and violence relating to an election dispute, the U.S. Embassy has ordered its personnel in the Honduran Department of Cortes (including the city of San Pedro Sula) to shelter in place until further notice. U.S. citizen visitors and residents are encouraged to take similar precautions.

U.S. Citizens who plan to travel to Honduras or are currently in Honduras should review the Honduras Travel Alert, issued on December 6th which urges U.S. Citizens to postpone or cancel unnecessary travel to mainland Honduras.


8 thoughts on “Caution: Be Alert, Shelter in Place

  1. While your fixation on Honduras perplexes me since there are lots of other, calmer, places in which you can do good Christian works, I find humor in the State Department warning. That same breathless State Department long told people — maybe it still does. I have not checked recently — they should not set foot anywhere in my Mexican State of Michoacán. Nowhere in the state! Yet I have lived here 18 years and haven’t dodged a single bullet nor spotted a single corpse on a sidewalk. Most Gringos who live in my state also find the warning laughable. Warning people away from the entire state is akin to telling Americans not to enter Champaign/Urbana or Springfield due to ghetto violence in Chicago miles and miles away.

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    1. I should have included in my post that no one I know is having difficulty with danger or getting around in Honduras. However, neither is anyone looking for trouble by attending rallies or participating in protests. As far as obsessing about Honduras, I have only been back once in three years. You are right though. Lots of drunks are in London these days. And not many like the church, either. Or Belfast. Or Madrid.


  2. Giving the “Quiz” access to your Facebook account to read your posts, friend list, and whatever else it can find is more dangerous than Honduras I am sure. I have travelled to many places, as have you, that were deemed dangerous, and flourished.


  3. Go. You are not a green kid just out of school but a woman who knows the ropes, a level head, experienced in your adopted land . Go
    Kris is right about those quiz programs, buggy, data mining programs that can cause you and your poor computer untold problems. Who needs that? The more I read on the topic of personal data, the more it appears to be one of the more sought after products of our times. If it is worth so much to our fellows, it is better to keep it close to the vest. The kids seem to understand this better than we boomers, most of my younger friends use a fake name on Facebook to maybe avoid the data miner’s ax.


    1. I will go in mid January. I have been there when a president was spirited out of the country. It’s mainly the capital and the other major city, San Pedro that has demonstrations. Even there, it seems my friends aren’t being affected very much. Facebook is best known by its other title, Wastebook. As far as privacy, Google is not any better. It’s hard to avoid using the computer entirely without using Google, Facebook or other sites that collect information.


  4. I’ve got to believe that those breathless State Dept warnings are written by people who don’t travel much. I’ll second Felipe’s comments about warnings concerning Mexico. As you know, I’ve been all over the country with nary a problem. If I were in the narcotics distribution business, things might be otherwise.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where there is near-constant danger from forest fires and smoke inhalation. Take all necessary precautions if you plan to travel to this often-infernal area, surrounded by active volcanoes.


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