There and Back Again

I haven’t written anything in over a month. Dear readers, what must you think of me? Or wonder where I am? I am home once again, in Louisiana.

I don’t have plans to return to Honduras. Spanish lessons in Honduras gave me a boost in language acquisition. Language skills could help if I eventually decide to move again to a Spanish-speaking country.

One thing I neglected to write about was that I arrived a day after a festival in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Obviously, the citizenry had called a city-wide party in which everyone spent the day with the express purpose of  spreading litter. Soda bottles, plastic bags, and all manner of paper were spread across the town.  One could scarcely walk the streets without said rubbish sticking to the soles of one’s shoes.

In addition, all dogs, owned or stray, had been invited to make their mark on the streets as well. It must have been a great turn-out, one of historic proportions. I was amazed at the output of the varied canine population. My shoes bear the marks, too, of the dog-in-street celebration.

Seriously, Siguatepeque has a litter problem. And a dog control problem. In stark contrast, the neighboring city of Comayagua was nearly spotless. The historic center of Comayagua had actual garbage bins strategically placed. I didn’t see any food wrappers in the streets although the city was full of poor farmers  from the surrounding villages there to sell their wares as well as buy goods in town on the Saturday that I spent in Comayagua. There was not one stray dog to be seen the entire day I spent in Comayagua.

Moral of this story: Visit Comayagua and enjoy a provincial city with colonial buildings. If you should visit Siguatepeque, don’t wear sandals. Wear old shoes to trample the trash underfoot that’s everywhere in the city.

That’s all folks. I will try to write a bit more frequently.




5 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Sounds lovely. So no plans to return to Honduras. Anywhere else you’re planning to go?


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are dying to escape. To anywhere, really.


    1. Hi Kim! I am looking towards a scouting trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. I’ve been there many times. I like the vibe there. Dying to escape, huh? Redding, CA is a bit of a bore maybe, but it’s better than snowy Boston I would think.

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      1. Yes, as much as I’d like to be in Boston, the fact of the matter is that I’ll wait until there’s no more snow. Should happen in the next couple of weeks. Saludos!

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  2. I have been very poor at looking at blogs and even worse with commenting. My eye sight and computers don’t always cooperate. So today, I’ll stop by and say hello and copy this note into the comments. Some of you are on Facebook or Instagram, but many aren’t. As I’ve said all along, I’ve met wonderful people blogging.
    Don’t wear sandals….that brought a smile to my face!


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