Azaleas in bloom in Abita Springs

In southern Louisiana, we’re in the season of Win-Spring. My cousin invented the moniker to describe the clash of seasons we’re experiencing. Camellias and azaleas are in bloom this month, a full six weeks ahead of schedule. Oak trees are budding, and pollen is developing. Yet, later this week, we’ll have two or three mornings with below freezing temperatures.

Everywhere you look, nature is budding with ambivalence.  Even a two-season climate doesn’t seem to follow the norms. In Central America, there’s just two seasons: wet and dry, or if you prefer winter and summer. My friends in Honduras are having rain although it’s the dry season right now.

Nature run amok. Now, if you excuse me, I need to pluck dandelions in the flower beds as well as check my supply of firewood. Strange times.


6 thoughts on “Win-Spring

  1. I left a.message but I don’t know if I pressed “post”. Here in central Mexico we’re experiencing a similar thing. Spring.seems to have started in the middle of February, and we even had a couple of inches of rain. So the peaches flowered and some of the ornamental grasses are off and running. Don’t if we should be grateful or apprehensive that some weird weather might come our way later on.


  2. It is an early spring here in northern Ohio as well but only by a few weeks. They tapped the Maple trees at least two weeks early. They sat on their hands last year and missed the best part of the run-fool me once kind of thing. We have blue birds at the feeder. They hate feeders but their normal food is not out yet. I normally put trees in around the third week in March, we’re close to time now by soil temperature. An early spring but nothing crazy. 2012 was much warmer.


  3. Where I am it’s Win-Spring too, but I hope it will not freeze again this season. It did twice, which ain’t much, a month or so ago, but it’s been quite nice of late. May it stay so.


  4. Tonight we may have another freeze. Hopefully, it’s the last of the season. This weekend promises particularly nice weather. I may use the days to weed my flower beds which are sporting an abundance of dandelions and other unwelcome intruders.


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