The state of Louisiana is under a stay at home order. In our state, we are permitted to get food, medicine, etc, as well as exercise outside as long as appropriate social distancing is observed. On Sunday afternoon, I  chose places within walking distance in Abita Springs, where I live. If I had to choose a place to be, I could do worse. There were only a few folks out, mostly using the bike trail that runs throughout the parish.

I dusted off my Canon camera, and I set off for a photo walk around town. These are special times we are living in, so my phone camera just wouldn’t do. No, I needed the Canon 35mm, which I haven’t used in over a year.

I didn’t have a predetermined course. I just rambled a bit downtown.  Some places were closed. I didn’t bother with pictures of the two town museums or the brewery since they weren’t open to the public. The churches are closed, too, so I skipped pictures of St. Jane de Chantal Catholic Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Nice buildings though.

I focused my camera’s lens on pretty houses and a few businesses that have remained open. I thought a few houses were places I would prefer to be sheltering in rather than my house. There’s nothing wrong with my house, but a grander home would please me more.


hotel-3The Abita Springs Hotel would be a grand place to be sequestered. Maid service, fresh linens, and maybe a nice meal or two provided with the stay. I could get used to that sort of quarantine. The hotel is open during the stay at home mandate but it looked empty. Want to stay here? Maybe when this virus scare has passed? Here’s the link to our local hotel – Abita Springs Hotel. 

blue-houseI also liked the house next door to the hotel. It’s a private residence but surely the owners would be glad to exchange houses for a few weeks for a change of scenery.  It’s inviting, isn’t it?

womens-center I wouldn’t mind taking up residence in the Women’s Center. The sign says its a place for healing and transformation. That sounds like a fine place to stay for a quarantine.

abita-brew-pubThe Abita Brew Pub is not open for seating inside, but the pub is taking orders for take-out. They have great burgers, and of course, a large selection of Abita beer. In Louisiana, the law is allowing customers to order alcohol to go from restaurants. I was tempted to stop and get a burger, but I had leftover pizza and Abita beer in the fridge at home.

abita-farmers-marketLater this week, I plan on stopping by the Abita Farmer’s Market. I don’t need a regular grocery store stop this week since my pantry is well-stocked. I have already eaten all the good stuff though, like chips and ice cream. Maybe now is the time to add fresh fruit and vegetables to my diet.


Afterwards I got in my Mazda and took a drive out of town towards the town of Waldheim, driving east towards Mississippi. I stopped at this store, but it was closed. I need to stop when it’s open. Looks interesting, doesn’t it?

I’m glad I found my Canon camera and rambled around town and a bit farther on Sunday afternoon. I might be limited to where I can go during this statewide shelter in place order, but I can still find interesting places to view.



10 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Abita Springs, with all those quaint houses, looks disgustingly quaint, postcard pretty. I don’t think the quarantine orders requires you to stay cooped up in your house, just that you do not come in close contact with other people. So getting in the car and driving around, with the AC on and the windows rolled up, and taking pictures is perfectly OK. Certainly that is not an option you would have if you lived in a bigger city where people are unavoidable. Heck you can even invite a friend to a safely-distant picnic, as long as they bring their own food and sit at the other end of the picnic table, and both speak LOUDLY. You have my permission. .

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  2. I’ve been walking around town as well as using my bicycle. I’ve kept social distancing between me and others. Longer car rides have been nice, too. I plan on inviting my sister to a social distancing picnic soon. Thanks.


  3. If there is a stay-at-home order, how is it that you’re gallivanting around? I assume the “order” is voluntary. Driving home this morning from a shopping expedition in Morelia, I passed a highway patrol car parked on the shoulder. There was a big sign propped up on it that said, Stay Home, but in Spanish, of course.

    I have a Canon too, but it’s heavy, and I rarely use it. Thanks for the photos. Made me homesick. I could do something similar around my neck of the woods, but it would not look anything like that, not even a little bit, alas.

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    1. It took me some time to understand the order. We can get out for essential things like grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy, etc. We are encouraged, too, to walk, bike or take exercise outside as long as social distancing is observed. Therefore, I was within orders to walk around the central part of town, which except for a small group at the Brew Pub, was basically deserted. As far as the camera, my camera seems a bit bulky too. A phone camera is almost as good, really. and so much more convenient.


  4. Thanks for sharing your walk. I am a small town guy. That may be why I so enjoy the village where I live. It is a great place to ride out The Plague of the Latter Days.

    Some of those houses remind me of William Faulkner and Florence King. I have always enjoyed visiting the south. Especially, with you.


    1. Small towns have a certain appeal, I suppose. My small town was once a place of shelter for people fleeing epidemics in New Orleans. They came here when yellow fever and other scourges visited the city.


  5. Happy Easter Laurie! And many blessings for you and your family.
    I enjoy reading your blog, especially getting to know Louisiana through your eyes, since I have never been and with this plague may never get there.

    With All this time online I did manage to finally log on to WordPress!,


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