Good Signs Gone Bad

Living in South Louisiana demands a vigilance in gardening. Without bold and proper action, the sultry climate of this region is dangerously overwhelming. Sign can be engulfed in sundry vines and vegetation in mere days, and just weeks for larger items such as people and houses. They just disappear in the foliage created by our intensely warm and humid climate and fertile river soils.

ABita sign 2
What happened to the Welcome Sign to Abita Springs?

Here are two examples of what happens when violent pruning is not employed in a speedy manner. Both of these examples are within walking distance of my residence. Perchance, I decide to leave my habitation for a long weekend or even more dangerously, an entire week, I could lose sight of my house.


Speed limit sign
Is this a sign for 15, 25, or 55 mph? Who knows?

That’s why I weeded my flower beds this morning. I don’t want anything or anyone to be taken away by our vociferous vegetation. Weed eating will be undertaken, too, later this week. I wouldn’t want these creepers to overtake the entrances to my abode, and then, who knows how farther I would be forced to self-isolate in my house. 

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