Conspiracy theories among Christians

This is important folks. Conspiracy theories are running rampant on social media.

Brian Haynes

A close friend in our church texted me this question today amidst the whirlwind of conspiracy theories wildly blowing among believers on social media.

“What are your thoughts towards the uproar of believers posting conspiracy type things online (especially today)? I feel overwhelmed by the amount of fear and disunity.”

This is the worst of Christianity in America. Conspiracy theories are birthed in fear. This is all very convoluted at the grass roots level because people don’t trust leaders for good and bad reasons. Here are my thoughts in short form:

  1. The virus is real. We (Christ-followers) should do our best to be responsible citizens out of obedience to our God who teaches us to pray for and submit to our leaders as far as possible without disobeying God. Also, we live in communities with people we call our neighbors we are to love relentlessly. So we follow guidelines to…

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