Fragile: Handle With Care

A few weeks ago, I was changing a light bulb in a lamp in my spare bedroom. When I screwed in the bulb, the bulb flashed and burnt. At the same time, power went out in the spare bedroom and adjoining office space. A breaker needed to be reset. After I flipped the breaker, I noted that the modem in the office was blinking orange. After a few minutes and a hard reset the internet came back online.

However, my home computer was not responding. It was frozen, even after multiple restarts. The power surge had jolted my computer badly. The next morning, I once again restarted the computer, and it came on, albeit very slowly. Since then, the computer works, but it’s altered a bit. It’s often slow to start up, and sometimes the peripheral equipment like the mouse and keyboard aren’t functioning without another hard restart.

I checked online about ordering a new computer. I can get $400 credit toward a new computer if I mail the old one to Apple. The company sent me this box to package up the old computer. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet if I will buy a new one. The old one works, albeit with a few quirks that weren’t there before. It’s still serviceable, and I have a perfectly servicable laptop as a back up.

I was staring at the box a few days ago thinking if I was going to use the box to ship my computer. The words, Fragile: Handle With Care, caught my attention. That’s how I feel lately. What with all the political rhetoric flying around on social media, I feel like I want the words, Fragile: Handle with Care, slapped across my forehead.

I want my opinions respected as I respect the opinions of others. I am tired of labels that are flung carelessly and ceaselessly at both ends of the political spectrum. Aren’t we better than what we are doing now?


Right wing fanatic!


Socialist commie!

Just a few days ago, I received a direct message on Facebook from an old friend, whom I haven’t communicated with in well over twenty years. He lives in another country. The reason for his communication? His only message was to scold me for my political views which are in opposition to his own.

I happen to believe that President Trump should not be reelected. I support Joe Biden. To my old friend, this was anathema. I received a virtual lecture on the folly of my views. Is that what mattered to him most?

I have known this man for nearly 40 years. He’s a minister, a church planter, and a missionary. We’ve been friends and fellow workers in the Gospel for over 30 years. Yet, he hasn’t found time to comment on anything to me in nearly two decades except to berate me for my political views.

It would be nice if we returned to a modicum of respect for the political, cultural and religious opinions of other Americans. The erosion of respect for other viewpoints has reached a flashpoint where extremism and even violence is encouraged. Our president has consistently refused to promise to accept the results of the presidential election if he should lose.

Christians are among the most intolerant in my opinion. We should remember the message from Paul to the Ephesians: And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.* Those words leave little room for some of the perjoratives I’ve seen online from other Christians in regard to others who disagree with their viewpoint.

So, please, even if it only starts with just a few of us, let’s treat one another with respect. Let’s pretend each one of us has the words, Fragile: Handle with Care, slapped across our respective foreheads. And be tenderhearted, like Paul reminds us in his letter.

*Ephesians 4:32


6 thoughts on “Fragile: Handle With Care

    1. I think after six other false alarms this year, the New Orleans area will finally have a storm come near in 2020. I pray it’s a non-issue for most of us, as it’s projected to be a small and fast-moving storm.


    When I call someone a fascist, I know what it means and if the shoe fits…so be it. My days of nice , let it go, kumbaya, are over . I’m not going to slap someone with a false label, I’m not going to slap someone period. I’d have told the old fool to take a hike.
    As to the computer, it sounds like the ‘power supply’ , the computer’s transformer that doles out the proper current to the different parts of the unit, it might be a cheap fix. I put a new one in this computer over five years ago because it was doing just what you describe.My computer is very outdated now but for what I do with it, it is fine-no real issues. A repair might save you a little money.


  2. I long for the days of kumbaya again. I learned that song as a youth choir member in the Methodist Church in the 1970s. Why not have a bit of love for each other? I do get it if someone is truly a fascist, then so be it. Label it as such, but with great caution and deliberation first. It’s not the first word I want to use when I disagree on political issues. Thanks for the tip about the computer. There’s a guy who repairs computers near my house. I may call him if my computer continues to act obstinate.


  3. Political nastiness has been around for a long time. What’s new now is the internet, which acts as a megaphone to spread any nonsense. So our Dear Leader gets a tweet from QAnon, or some other wacko group, and then retweets it to his millions of followers. Nonsense become truth, and pretty soon people are embracing and spreading the stuff under the category of “People say” or “I read something on the internet”


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