Lead Us Not

One of the hallmarks of the age of the coronavirus is the absence of hair stylists. In Louisiana, hair salons are considered a non-essential business, Non-essential businesses are closed.

I visit my hair salon often for a cut and color. On my own, I can handle coloring my roots. What I can’t do is cut my own hair. I keep my hair short so I get my hair cut often. Things are going to get real around here soon.

Laurie with bad haircut
What’s up with the zigzag on my shirt? One of my mom’s sewing creations perhaps?


I remember when my mother used to trim our hair. Most of the time, we went to a local hair dresser for a cut, but occasionally my mom trimmed the bangs of her three girls. I hope I don’t yield to temptation to cut my own locks anytime soon.

I suspect that my mom cut my bangs for this picture for school photos. I was in the third grade. I think this was in 1972.

O Lord, I beseech thee, lead us not into temptation!



4 thoughts on “Lead Us Not

  1. That’s a really cute picture. I’ve wondered too what we are going to do about haircuts. Both Stew and I need one. Does the barber wear gloves? Disinfect all the scissors and combs after every cut?


  2. I too have thought of this issue. Luckily, I recently switched to the buzz cut, and I have a clipper that my wife can use to buzz me. Free of charge. So, consider switching to the buzz cut and buying clippers. You would look avant-garde.

    I would say you look cute in that photo, but Al beat me to it. I don’t want to give you the big head.


  3. I like short hair, but I don’t want a buzz cut! People may think I have switched sides, if you get my meaning. As far as the picture, I never liked that picture as the hair and clothing are off putting to me.


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